"I think the insoles are great, and so far I haven't experienced the pain up the front of my legs when I walk or jog. I am now able to walk easily in a straight line, and when I wear the insoles I get very little heel pain. Thank you so much for seeing me and fitting the insoles".....J.W. Clapham, London

"I tried my carbon fibre orthotics again on a training run, and again they blistered my arch. So I thought I'd try yours. To be honest. I never thought they'd work. To my surprise, they were fantastic! I am now seriously contemplating running my next marathon in them. You've got a convert on your hands, and I'm telling lots of people about them!"...... T.W. Wimbledon, London

"I have tried several types of shop bought orthotics in the past, all of which would only fit into "clumpy" shoes, and by the end of the day were uncomfortable. I don't even know I'm wearing your insoles! They are so comfortable!".......M.J. London

"After six years, I have stopped wearing my rigid orthotics. These solved my foot problem, but I could only wear them in "Ecco" shoes, and I was glad to take them off at the end of the day. Not only will your insoles fit in ALL of my shoes, but I find that after three months of wearing them, I can now walk for considerable distances with NO supports in my shoes"......C.P. London

"Having suffered from heel pain for two years, and been unable to wear shoes, I was prepared to try anything. After four days of wearing the insoles you fitted me with, my heel pain disappeared. Unbelievable! I cannot tell you how grateful I am".......T.S. Surrey

"They were so thin, I couldn't see how they could help. I'm glad I tried them though. No more shin splints, and my visits to the chiropractor for my back trouble are becoming less frequent"…….. A.D. London

"The 2 sets of insoles you sent me are really great. The 3.5mm fit in my shoes and trainers, and the 6.00mm fit in my wellies. As you know, the NHS ones never fitted properly, and now my feet are far less tired at the end of a hard day's work on the farm"......B.J. N.Yorkshire


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