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About Your Feet

Do your feet look like this?

structure (1)

Yes.  Then you have Morton's Foot Structure. You are at high risk for musculoskeletal disorders such as  low back  and knee pain, and your athletic abilities are significantly reduced. If you don't already hurt, Posture Control Insoles® can help you prevent or delay problems.

You truly have nothing to lose but your pain!

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Morton's Foot Structure is recognized by a longer second toe, or by a deeper web space between the first and second toe.  Morton's Foot is common among 50-60% of the population.

No? Well, you're not out of the woods yet because the real culprit is an elevated first metatarsal and big toe (place the pointer on the picture below).  It is called Rothbart's Foot Structure.  Over 80% of the population has it including everyone who has Morton's foot.

Medical professionals who understand the connection between the feet and the rest of the body have concluded that Rothbart's Foot Structure is among the most common causes of musculoskeletal problems.

All of the following problems may originate with, or be perpetuated by Rothbart's/Morton's Foot Structure:

Headaches, TMJ Dysfunction, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Back Pain, Low Back Pain, Hip Pain, Sciatica, SI Joint Pain, Leg Pain, Knee Pain, Runner's Knee, Shin Splints, Ankle Pain, Foot Pain, Plantar Faciitis, Bunions, Reduced Range of Motion, Lack of Flexibility, and Instability. 

Rothbart's Foot Structure causes hyperpronation which is a dysfunction of the foot causing your ankles to roll in when you stand, walk and run.   You may have been told that you supinate or that you have fallen arches.  Supinators are usually hyperpronators in disguise.

Athletes are impacted even more severely by Rothbart's Foot Structure.  Whether you are a ball player, distance runner, cyclist, roller or ice skater,  dancer,  or walk for exercise, you depend on proper foot mechanics and correct body alignment.   Proper joint and body mechanics is key to enhanced performance, longevity in sport and life, and injury prevention.

If you exercise with poor body mechanics, you are taking years off your musculoskeletal health plan.

So whether you are an athlete who wants to run longer or jump higher, a senior who wants to remain active, or you just want to feel better in your daily activities, caring for your foot foundation will help you achieve your goal.

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These web pages are intended to give you a better understanding of the importance of the foot foundation, what happens to your body if the foundation is off, and what you can do about it!


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