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About Your Shoes

car tyre (1) (1)

Do your shoes wear like this?

If you discovered that the tyres on your car looked like this, would you be concerned?

You instinctively know...  Something is wrong!

What does it mean? 
Why does it wear like this? 
Is it dangerous? 
Is something about to break? 
Will it damage my car?  
Am I in danger?

What about your shoes? Take a careful look! What does it mean if they look like…

Leather soles have less traction so it is easy to see the twisting motion of the feet. Rubber soles have greater ground traction so the twisting forces wear out your joints instead of your shoes

These are just three images reflecting the gait patterns of people in pain - foot, ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder and neck pain!  Pain that could most likely have been avoided or delayed by many, many years. 

Your shoe wear pattern may be a variant, but if it is uneven and/or different left from right, and you are in pain, you know something has already started to deteriorate.  If you are not in pain yet, uneven wear patterns are good indicators that it is a matter of time.  When?  Maybe like lightening out of the blue next weekend on the golf course, walking,  or tomorrow, on the job.  Or,  maybe it will start gradually as an innocent ache that seems unusually stubborn.

Uneven wear patterns on your shoes indicate very specific problems concerning your gait and your posture.  Wearing heavily underneath the ball of the foot (A) is a good indication of hyperpronation which exposes you to knee, hip and back problems, or a torn ACL if you are a weekend sports warrior.  If it looks like you are hanging on the outside of your shoes (B), you may be hypersupinating, and greatly increase your chances of shin splints and accidental ankle injuries and, if you run for exercise, impact injuries like stress fractures in your tibia and fibula.   In addition to wearing too small shoes (C), this person hyperpronates significantly, pushing off with the second metatarsal across the big toe - bunions in the making.

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·     Are you suffering from foot and/or other musculoskeletal pain?
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