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2 Minutes – 1st Step To Less Pain! Determine Which Insoles To Buy.

2 Minutes - 1st Step To Less Pain! Determin Which Insoles To Buy

With Posture Control Insoles®, more isn't always better.  Don't choose 6.0mm Posture Control Insoles® just because your back or your knees hurt really bad.  For some people, 3.5 mm is just right.  Some people do best starting with a pair of 3.5 mm insoles and switching to 6.0 mm after they get accustomed to them. Follow this process to get the best results.

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If you are not 100 percent satisfied with your insoles, return them within 90 days for a full refund including shipping & handling.

If you have heel pain (Plantar Faciitis) click here for special instructions.

Part 1.  What do your shoes look like?

  • releaserwear_small

    A. If the bottom of your shoes wear like this with heavy wear underneath the first metatarsal head, choose 6.0 mm Posture Control Insoles®.

  • bracerwear_small

    B. If the bottom of your shoes wear like this with heavier wear on the outside edge of your heel, mid and forefoot, choose 3.5 mm Posture Control Insoles® to start.   You may need to switch to a 6.0mm later (see part 2).

  • normalwear_small

    C. A fairly even wear pattern may indicate that you have a stable foot, but since less than 20% of the population does, and assuming you are reading this because you have aches and pains, start with 3.5 mm Posture Control Insoles®.

Part 2. Check your foot mechanics.

  • feetparallell

    Next check if 3.5 mm is your optimal and permanent choice, or if you should start with 3.5mm and switch to 6.0mm after about 2 weeks. (You can also do this test to verify that choice A above is correct)

    Stand with your feet parallel. If your knees are touching each other, take a slightly wider stance so they don't touch. Keeping your heels on the floor, bend your knees (lower your hips) but don't squat as in leaning way forward and sticking your behind out.

    Let your knees move freely and observe what they do.

  • bentknees

    If your knees collide or press together more firmly, it indicates that you release your feet to freely hyperpronate. If your knees track just slightly to the inside of your feet, or over the top (centre) of your feet, you may subconsciously brace your muscles to prevent hyperpronation.

    Experience indicates that people who brace their muscles do better starting in a 3.5mm pair even if their ultimate need is 6.0mm.

  • placingpostit

    Tear off two 1/4 inch high stacks of post-it® notes, or find something similar building 1/4 inch height to place underneath the first metatarsal head only on both feet. Make sure it is placed underneath the full width of the first metatarsal head, but not underneath the second metatarsal.

  • postit

    When you have placed them both, do a knee bend again as above.

    Make sure your knees are moving freely and naturally.

  • postitbend

    This time, if your knees naturally travel close to or over the top (centre) of your feet, 3.5 mm Posture Control Insoles® is your best choice.

  • undercorrect

    If your knees travel straighter, but still move toward the inside of your feet, choose 6.0mm Posture Control Insoles®. (Exception: if your shoes look like B or C, start with 3.5mm and switch to 6.0mm after a couple weeks when you no longer notice the 3.5mm insoles in your shoes.)

Some people (Less than 10%) need even higher dimensions than the 6.0 mm Posture Control Insoles® offered here. If you have been wearing 6.0 mm insoles and it feels like you are still hyperpronating, or if you have other complications from deformations, injuries or surgeries, you may want to seek care by a professional who offers Posture Control Insoles®. Muscle patterns and pain can become self perpetuating which means that changing the foundation alone is not enough. In these persistent cases, you may need soft tissue therapy and even structural adjustments to bring you to a starting point where Posture Control Insoles® will help prevent further problems.

Heel Pain: If your heel pain is significant, start with a 6.0 mm pair of Posture Control Insoles®. If necessary increase the break-in period. For severe heel pain add #1 arch supports to the Posture Control Insoles®. That will alleviate the pain quicker. You may do fine without the arch supports once you have healed and the pain is gone. post-it ® is a registered trademark of 3M Corporation.


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