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Why try PCI’s first?

Save time and money.  Posture Control Insoles® are inexpensive, comfortable, fit in the shoes you have, and are backed by our money-back guarantee.   There is a 99% chance Posture Control Insoles® will satisfy your needs.

Do you have Foot and Ankle Pain, Plantar Faciitis or Bunions, Shin Splints, Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Low Back Pain, Sciatica, or SI Joint Pain, Shoulder or Neck Pain, Frequent Headaches and TMJ, Lack of Flexibility or Instability?

Have you been convinced you need arch supports?

Have you been told you need custom orthotics?

A large number of our customers have already been down that road, because they too believed "custom" orthotics was what they needed.

Unless you have significant structural deformities from birth, injuries or surgery, orthotics are most often prescribed to reduce pain by reducing hyperpronation (collapsing arches and ankles that roll in).  Here are a few points about the customizing process that may interest you.

If the first step toward making your "custom" orthotics is to take an imprint of your feet using a foam casting box, consider the fact that you are providing an imprint of your fully or partially collapsed feet.  We have never found a satisfactory answer to this question: How do they create functional orthotics that will correct your gait and posture from  impressions of your collapsed  feet?  What magic formula is applied to the imprint?

Recently, a more flashy computerized technique has been introduced.  Standing or walking across a scanner or pressure sensitive platform produces impressive colour images of your feet, pressure imprints and curves that can even be played back in slow motion.  The graphs tell the timing of your heel lift, maximum pressures at heel strike, mid-stance etc., but again:  How does this information determine the height of the arch, the depth of the heel cup, and the other lumps and bumps found on many "custom" orthotics?  Some companies present you a colorized photocopy of your feet!

The oldest technique, still recognized among podiatrists as the most accurate process for creating custom orthotics, is taking a "neutral" plaster cast.  Do you know that placing the foot in its neutral position is so subjective that even professionals agree they will differ significantly.  Did anyone tell you that Root's theory on neutral casting is 50 years old and still generate plenty of disagreement and discussion within the podiatric community.  There is wide disagreement if a cast should be taken weight bearing, semi or non weight bearing.

It is really not surprising that 50% of "custom" orthotics end up in the closet.  

Posture Control Insoles® are based on new technology that build stronger and healthier feet because Posture Control Insoles® stimulate your muscles to balance your feet naturally instead of just propping them up with passive support. (Click here to learn more about how Posture Control Insoles® work)

If you are not fully satisfied with your orthotics, "Expensive" is not a good reason to keep wearing them - especially if your problems have persisted. Try our Posture Control Insoles®.   Feel the benefits right away.  Wear the shoes you like instead of the shoes that fit your orthotics.  Get past your pain while making every pair of shoes more comfortable.

Experience a new dimension in comfort and freedom.


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