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ProKinetics UltraThin Insoles


All ProKinetics® Insoles employ the same technology and provide the same corrective benefits. The UltraThin Insoles offer you more versatility because they can also be used in shoes that do not have removable insoles. The insole base is slightly less than 2 mm thick (less than 1/8 in). The corrective technology, building to 3.5 mm or 6.0 m, is molded into the body of the insoles.

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The ProKinetics® Ultra Thin insoles may be fitted with arch support which is available in two heights (see insoles accessories). Arches can be ordered separately and added at any time or purchased at a discount when ordered with the insoles. When used in shoes that have removable insoles, place the ProKinetics® UltraThin insoles underneath the original insoles that came with the shoes. The shape will translate through the original insoles for proper correction. ProKinetics® UltaThin insoles are made from synthetic rubber. They are firm in order to provide the desired correction, and flexible for a comfortable fit. A trim pattern is included to correctly size for your shoes

Types of shoes that are suitable for the insoles.


Size 4 – 7.5 (UK) (Womens), Size 7 – 13 (UK)(Mens), Size 14 – 16 (UK) (Mens)

Wedge Heights

3.5mm, 6mm

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