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How PCIs Work

How Posture Control Insoles Work

Posture Control Insoles® are different from any other orthotics or insoles because instead of being cushions or supports, they are designed to change your gait through naturally activating your muscles. Posture Control Insoles® work through a neuromuscular process called proprioception.


Proprioception is the body's sense of position, movement and force. Sensors responsive to mechanical changes are located in the muscles, joints, on the surface of the skin and underneath the feet. An example of a proprioceptive stimulus and response would be someone bumping into you, or standing on a bus as it starts moving. Your muscles instantly and without thought respond to prevent a fall.

When you place weight on your forefoot, the first metatarsal and big toe naturally start pushing back against the ground. This helps the foot maintain its natural arch.

If the ground contact is felt too late because the first metatarsal is elevated, this muscular response will be late allowing the arch to collapse and the foot to hyperpronate. Posture Control Insoles® elevate the ground underneath the first metatarsal and big toe. The ground is felt earlier allowing your muscles to respond to prevent hyperpronation.

The best way to demonstrate this muscle action is to pick up a towel from the floor with your foot.  When you scrunch up your foot, you will notice that your arch rises, your ankle straightens and your leg rotates externally (point to picture above).   This slight rotation in turn impacts the position of the pelvis, the upper body and centre of gravity.  Your weight will be shifted slightly to the back causing a postural shift.

Posture Control Insoles® Work for both Pronators and Supinators

Preventing the foot from hyperpronating also prevents it from supinating too much.  For most people, supination is an over compensation for hyperpronation.  So, if you supinate, you are most likely overreacting to hyperpronation.  The late first metatarsal contact with the ground causes proprioceptive impulses from other parts of your body to attempt a correction.  Unfortunately the wrong muscles are used, and typically the correction is excessive, unstable and often painful (shin splints).     Posture Control Insoles® allow for a more appropriate correction using the correct muscles.  It happens instantly and automatically.

Posture Control Insoles® are really timing devises, and that's why they are not big and bulky like orthotics and arch supports.

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